When the Comfy Chair Gets Too Comfy

A couple of years ago, I had a hell of a time leveraging myself out of an easy chair. If you’ve reached that certain age, you may have had the same experience. I realized that if I didn’t do something, I was going to up and die in not too many years. Time to get off my fat butt and do something, but what? Here are some steps you can take:

See a doctor. I like my doc because he mixes traditional medicine with some newer techniques. His first suggestion was Cross Fit. I checked it out and decided it was too rigorous for someone on the shady side of sixty. I have a couple of 50ish friends who do Cross Fit regularly and swear by it, but I’m long past climbing ropes and doing chin ups.

Found a Personal Trainer My doctor’s next suggestion was a personal trainer. He recommended Step-by-Step Fitness here in PDX. I went and chatted with the trainer. Yahoo! I’d finally taken that first step. The biggest advantage to a personal trainer is that she’ll pace your workouts to your abilities and fitness levels. I discovered I lacked aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. She helps me with all three. Finding the right trainer isn’t easy. Some of the trainers at the local gyms have a one routine fits all view of training. You may find their workouts too easy or impossible. Don’t give up, keep looking. Two years later, I’m stronger, more supple and have more endurance.

Change nutrition This was and is the hardest for me. We live in a world of processed foods, sugar and empty calories. Finding your path to good nutrition is a struggle and I’m still struggling. I can say, that I eat less bread and other carbs now and even eat a vegetable now and again.

Buy a foam roller I do believe that foam rollers may have been invented during the Inquisition – they hurt that much, but Christ they are effective. I used to have extreme sciatica and bouts of bursitis, but with regular use of my foam roller, my sciatica and bursitis are under control.

Get a dog No, seriously. About the time I started working out, we got a Bichon puppy. Puppies may require almost constant attention, but their benefits outweigh their disadvantages. Most importantly, I have to take him out on at least a couple of long walks every day, rain or shine. If I don’t, he gets pesky and chews up all the toilet paper in the bathroom. The added bonus is that he gives me unconditional love. You may not think that counts, but it does.




Be persistent Getting in shape and staying there is a constant struggle, but once I hit a certain level, the struggle got easier. It’s like quitting smoking. I had smoked for thirty years and quit a dozen times before it finally stuck. The first six months were hell, the second six were difficult, now 15 years later I can’t even conceive of smoking—and the savings on smokes pays the freight for my personal trainer.

Get moving and keep at it. Good luck.




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  1. Nice article on health. (Easy Chair Piece) You might want to rent Fat, Sick, and nearly Deaf. A wonderful film (documentary) about an Aussie who is as the title states. He hears about juicing, Completely turns his health and life around, loses over 125 lbs. Started a worldwide movement

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